Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Noc For Driving License Format

Poetry dedicated to the search engine Google. Perhaps

search engine "Google"

they emerged on the Web
I took you from the beginning, and I learned
your side
while still growing. Every day

new things to improve my work, taking me to many places

with absolute certainty.

Asking your engine looked all desired
and finding the answers you
was amazed.
constant growth continues

... I say this with sincerity
even in these moments. Almost

see you as an oracle
I meet the desires

finding what I need in the areas I prefer.

Difficult to describe the vehicle you've been,
to move in leaving the network

I want, with total respect, providing a simple tribute
for your thoughtfulness, your style and your strength

I feel it is my duty to highlight these strengths

solutions for all you gave to my requests.

Author: Jorge Horacio Richina.

All rights reserved. ---------------------------------------------

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http://poesiasalazar.blogspot. com
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